Navigating the Waves of Bruce Brown’s ‘The Endless Summer’

Video Essay - The Endless Summer-1966

In the vast ocean of cinema, certain films make an indelible mark on your spirit, stirring an insatiable thirst for adventure. One such film is Bruce Brown’s iconic 1966 surf documentary, ‘The Endless Summer.’ A tribute to the sport of surfing, this film resonates beyond . . .

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Riding the Cinematic Waves: My Deep Dive into ‘Point Break’

Surf, Crime, and Philosophy - A 'Point Break' Deep Dive

In my latest video essay, ‘Surf, Crime, and Philosophy: A ‘Point Break’ Deep Dive,’ I’ve sought to explore the depths of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 action classic, ‘Point Break.’ This isn’t just a film about bank robberies and surfers; it’s a philosophical exploration of freedom, control, . . .

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Surfing Through the Frames: An Exploration of the Cult Classic ‘North Shore’


In an era defined by larger-than-life blockbusters and iconic cult classics, the ’80s were a golden age of cinema. Among the myriad of films that surfaced during this decade, one in particular captured the attention of surf enthusiasts and cinephiles alike: ‘North Shore’. Released in . . .

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