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Ex·per·i·men·tal | A Surf Videographers Journey

Ex·per·i·men·tal | A Surf Videographers Journey

Ex·per·i·men·tal is a side project of mine where I’m testing out my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Pros’ high speed recording capabilities on my friends as they surf. I’m testing various frame rates, exposures and output settings.

Here are a few clips of my journey:

if you want to view more visit my Ex·per·i·men·tal playlist on my YouTube Channel.

Author Bio

Eric Moldero

My name is Eric Moldero, most people I have worked with will refer to me as “Moldy”. I am a freelance filmmaker, search engine optimization specialist and web developer currently residing as an expat in Mazatlán Sinaloa Mexico. In my 20+ year career, I’ve had both the honor of working as an animator at Balthaser:FX which at the time housed some of the worlds top designers and developers as well as had the opportunity to test my skills acting as lead animator at Young & Rubicam in San Francisco, one of the worlds largest and longest standing ad agencies.