Natural Elements For Editors

It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is now upon us, but so is the weather. Depending where you’re at, you might be outside shooting in either rain or snowfall. Winter and fall puts forward special requirements for cinematographers and our gear, the process of shooting in during this time can be difficult to avoid falling snowflakes on the lens or just getting our gear wet. One way I like to get a weather shot is to shoot between the rain or snowfall, so your scene will be snowy or wet, but the elements aren’t actually falling from the sky and onto your subject of gear, then I handle the rest in post with a little bit of compositing.

‘Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.’ wiki

With these natural elements by Film Overlay you can harness the power of nature and easily add a layer of photo-realistic rain or elegant organic snowfall to your footage.

Natural Rainfall Overlay Collection

This overlay collection contains 30 different variations of precipitation to enhance the scene of your film.

Photorealistic Rainfall Overlay Bundle:

  • Number of Clips: 30
  • Individual Clip Length: 0:10
  • Seamless Loop: Yes
  • Encoding: H264
  • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
  • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps

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Organic Snowfall Overlay Collection

Add immersive snowfall to your film’s scene with this natural organic snowfall bundle.

Organic Snowfall Overlay Bundle:

  • Number of Clips: 28
  • Individual Clip Length: 0:10
  • Seamless Loop: Yes
  • Encoding: Photo-JPEG (.mov)
  • Available Resolutions: HD, 4K
  • Available Frame Rates: 30fps, 60fps

Snow particle movements & variations:

  • Snow fall (downward with a slight angle)
  • Windy (angled to the side)
  • zoom in (towards camera)
  • zoom out (away from camera)
  • Densities 1-5 (amount of snowfall)
  • Velocities 1-2 (slow and fast)

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With long high quality seamless loops each containing a completely unique particle seed that you can flip, rotate, loop, re-time, track, and more, there are literally thousands of output combinations available at your disposal for creating your unique and beautiful final piece.

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Eric Moldero

My name is Eric Moldero, most people I have worked with will refer to me as “Moldy”. I am a freelance filmmaker, search engine optimization specialist and web developer currently residing as an expat in Mazatlán Sinaloa Mexico. In my 20+ year career, I’ve had both the honor of working as an animator at Balthaser:FX which at the time housed some of the worlds top designers and developers as well as had the opportunity to test my skills acting as lead animator at Young & Rubicam in San Francisco, one of the worlds largest and longest standing ad agencies.