Case Study

General Tire

ROLE: Color grading, Rig Removal, VFX, Animation and Compositing.

General Tire is an American tire manufacturer and conglomerate with holdings in tires, rubber compounds, rocketry and aeronautics, entertainment and news, and real estate.

I teamed up with Bruce Dorn and CRAF2M to produce custom scripted content creation spanning web videos, and a series of 30 second regional & national TV spots for general tire as a result of our prolific relationship with Continental Tire.


Surfer Girl

Cowboy Courier

Adventure Girl

Truck Racer

Additional Production Credits:

Client: General Tire
Commissioned by: CRAF2M LLC via Bruce Dorn
Creative Director: Bruce Dorn
Cinematography: Bruce Dorn
Primary Editor: Cadu Medina
Project Management: Cadu Medina