Case Study

Domingo 14

ROLE: Directed by, Editing, Color Grading, VFX, Compositing

UmbralFunk is a Band from Culiacán Sinaloa that was formed in 2002 with the intention of giving a positive message through its music, with influences from different genres such as rock, pop, funk, disco, among others.

A music video for Sinaloa's premier rock band Umbral Funk. Originally shot for submission to Telehit, VH1 Latin America and MTV, also the spot appeared on various local broadcast as well as the usual online spots.

Umbral Funk : Domingo 14

Additional Production Credits:

Band: Umbral Funk
Director/Writer/Producer: Eric Moldero
Cinematographer: Francisco Romero (Vakita House)
Executive producer: Eric Serrano
Co-producer: Manlio Herrera
Associate producers: Silvana Villanueva, Elisa Carreon
Editor: Eric Moldero
Chief Lighting Technician, 2nd Camera: Arturo Romero Aramburo
Gaffer & Extra Lighting: Mirako lighting
Production Designers: Elisa Carreon, Silvana Villanueva
Casting Director/Clapper Loader: Silvana Villanueva
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe: Elisa Carreon, Silvana Villanueva
Additional crew: Veronica Picos, Jonas Alejandro, Omar Trujillo, Mauricio Castillo, Esteban Picos
Guest Artist Cameos: Choper Nawers, Karely Vega, Pablo Villanueva
Actors: Christian Amezcua, Yelitza Aguerrebere, Brianaly Quintero

A big special thanks to: The Herrera’s, Casa Trova, Vakita House, Mirako Lighting, and all the extras.