Case Study

Fiesta en Sinaloa

ROLE: Directed by, Produced by, Cinematography, Editing, Color Grading, VFX, Compositing

Fiesta en Sinaloa is a Norteno parody style music video for Umbral Funk. Early 90′s ‘MTV Latino’ handheld over-saturated style was the direction taken with this piece.

A quick 2 week production of a Norteno parody style music video for a rock band in Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico. Early 90′s 'MTV Latino' super shaky over saturated style was the direction I took with this video. We used a dolly on some shots but I ended up trashing the shots as they were too smooth, and the shaky footage I already had was animated with more handheld shakiness in post to polish the effect.

Umbral Funk: Fiesta en Sinaloa

Additional Production Credits:

Band: Umbral Funk
Track: Fiesta en Sinaloa
Assistant director: Omar Reyes
Dolly: Jorge Razo Alva
Horns: Mauricio Castillo Del Rincón, Eduardo Horn

Special thank you to everyone involved, like always, it was fun.