Case Study

OSA The Jewel of Costa Rica

ROLE: Animation, Compositing

The Osa is a sustainable practices success story and like all great stories, one not without very real threats and challenges. This is the story of a place where individuals and groups are making a successful positive difference in caring and healing one of the beautiful biological tropical rain forests in the world.

We have been working on the opening credits for the documentary 'OSA The Jewel of Costa Rica'. After a bit of work, we are very pleased with the results and as always, are excited to see them finalized on the big screen.

Opening Title Sequence

OSA The Jewel of Costa Rica Trailer

Osa; The Jewel of Costa Rica will take you on a wild adventure through one of the most diverse rainforests on Earth, the Osa Peninsula. Purchase the documentary movie to to start your journey through the Osa now!! Meet individuals and groups coming together to make a positive impact on restoring some of our world’s natural wonders. Hear first-hand from locals about their tales of ferocious fights with the jaguars. Get up close with the wonders and dangers of the rainforest! Experience Osa: The Jewel of Costa Rica, today!

Additional Production Credits:

Commissioned by: Inflection Studios
Direction by: CRAF2M LLC